Always having clean and tidy hair is everyone’s dream

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Always having clean and tidy hair is everyone’s dream.
However, it isn’t always possible to wash our hair every day because sometimes we do not have enough time.

The agents that pollute the hair and the scalp are:

agenti sudorazione


agenti sudorazione


agenti sudorazione


Beauty tips for not dirtying hair

1 Don't touch your hair hands are covered with bacteria and germs that make hair difty when they come into contact with it
2 Wash your hair less frequently washing hair too often results in the "rebound effect", which stimulates sebum production even more
3 Using a dry shampoo can help to reduce the number of washes: it absorbs excess sebum and allows you to wash your hair less frequently
4 Dry your hair using the warm or cool settings on your hairdryer: excessively high temperatures stimulate sebaceous gland hypersecretion
5 Use cold water to rinse your hair: cold hair helps the cuticles to close again, which prevents dirt from penetrating into the hair shaft
6 Brush your hair especially in the evening: it helps to distribute excess sebum evenly
  • Cleanses hair leaving it looking clean
  • Absorbs excess sebum and impurities
  • Leaves the hair fresh and soft
  • Lends volume and body to lank hair
  • Fine texture that doesn’t leave residues
  • Formula containing rice starch
  • Surfactant-free
  • Intense, lasting fragrance

Use directions

1 Shake then spray the product holding the container about 20 cm from your head, concentrating on the scalp and roots.
2 Massage your scalp then brush your hair.
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